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What is airsoft?

Here is a link to the wikipedia-page about Airsoft:


In short terms you can say that airsoft is a lot like paintball in the fact that the goal of both is top hit your opponent with a shot from an licence-free "weapon"

A big difference is that while paintball shoots pellets that leave a big colored, sticky splotch on your opponent while we shoot smaller solid bbs that just sting you. This, of course har both ups and downs but the fact is that we less traces after us when we play. Most of the hobby has gone over to using bio-degradable bbs so even thou we leave small, often white, bbs after us in the forest, it usually doesn't  take long before the bbs goes under the top layer of dirt and starts breaking down.


Our hobby can sometimes look kind of scary in that we we often dress in military uniforms and real-looking weapons. Because of this we always try to have a good communication with the local police and use places where the chance to run inte someone from the public and possibly scare them is as low as possible.

It is unfortunately always a possibility to run into "civilians" since we have the all-mans-right in sweden and we can't stop anyone from roaming the forests we play in. If this happens, the game is always stopped until we can make contact with them and explain whats happening. 

On top of that, I'd also like to point out that we are fairly plecent to deal with.


To own a airsoft-weapon, you must generelly be over 18 years old, there is a exemption that you can apply for with the police but it's extremely rare that they hand them out. 

If you as a parent is planning on buying a weapon for you kid, you should know that they can only use it if you are right next to them all the time and can stop an accident from happening. There is clubs that allow people under 18 to play with a couple of extra rules but we can't see how the terms of the law is met.

We make different interpretations regarding this.

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