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The Board of Trustees

About us


S.A.R Chairman/President

Callsign: Castor

Active boardmember since: 2020

Played airsoft since: 2009

Part of Team - ST.A.R.S

Instagram: stars_airsoft

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S.A.R Treasurer

Callsign: Inya

Active boardmember since: 2021

Played airsoft since: 2012

Part of Team - ST.A.R.S, SweAirsoft4Ladies

Instagram: callsign_inya

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S.A.R Secretary

Callsign: Jesus

Active boardmember since: 2024

Played airsoft since: 2019

Part of Team - Black Flag Faction

Instagram: black_flag_faction

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S.A.R Commissioner

Callsign: D

Active boardmember since: 2019 

Played airsoft since: 2017

Part of Team - BadMan

Instagram: Swedish_airsoft_regiment

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S.A.R Commissioner

Callsign: Älgen

Active boardmember since: 2024

Played airsoft since: 2014

Part of Team - 

Instagram: alexander_algen

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