Our Partners


Sverok is an non-profit orginazation and is one of the biggest youth-associations in Sweden. With 55 000 members in 1 700 associations all over the country, they collect, develop and spread the gamin-hobby.

In Sverok, the members start and run their own associations on their own terms and create their activities together.


Stars Tactical is a small airsoft-business south of Stockholm.

They have managed the on-site shop on a lot of the games in and around the Stockholm-area and is usually on site on games organized by ST.A.R.S, SAR, Igelkotten and Heavysofters.

They also sponsor SAR, which means that all SAR-members have a discount in their web-shop.

Their goal is to offer the best possible service to the players and offer good products that they them self use and can recommend. They also offer rental-kits to players that want to try out airsoft bus miss the equipment necessary.