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Our Partners


Sverok is an non-profit orginazation and is one of the biggest youth-associations in Sweden. With 55 000 members in 1 700 associations all over the country, they collect, develop and spread the gamin-hobby.

In Sverok, the members start and run their own associations on their own terms and create their activities together.


Stars Tactical is a small airsoft-business south of Stockholm.

They have managed the on-site shop on a lot of the games in and around the Stockholm-area and is usually on site on games organized by ST.A.R.S, SAR, Igelkotten and Heavysofters.

They also sponsor SAR, which means that all SAR-members have a discount in their web-shop.

Their goal is to offer the best possible service to the players and offer good products that they them self use and can recommend. They also offer rental-kits to players that want to try out airsoft bus miss the equipment necessary.


Netshirt is a family-owned business located in Tranemo that focuses on clothes with personalized prints. On most of their products you can chose a personalized print without expensive start-up costs.
They have clothing and accessories in a lot of different models and colors which can be bought neutral or with your own personalized print.

Netshirt is our supplier for SAR clothing, to come to our shop, click here.


In 2003 Wizeguy started as a Paintball-store for compedative players. Now they have a complete assortment when it comes to paintball, airsoft, airguns, flashlights and tactical military equipment.

Their goal has always been fast deliveries to low prices with a really good customer-support as a base.

They have their own warehouse and shop in Uppsala.

logo-white.png sells clothing and equipment for the military, police, security industry, airsoft, sports and outdoor enthusiasts. The store in Stockholm has over 10,000 products! has a physical store located at Tegnergatan 20 in central Stockholm.


Our products are used by professionals and amateurs who place high demands on durability and functionality. Our customers include the military, police, security guards and adventurers who rely on our products on a daily basis. We are proud to be able to provide the best for our customers.

Welcome in and try on your new uniform, outdoor clothing and boots with us!

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