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SARs game-rules


Standard Rules

(These can change a bit from game to game)

- You must be at least 18 years to play-

There's a lot of discussions regarding minors in the airsoft-community. What we all agree on is what's stated in the law and that's that you have to be over 18 years to be allowed to own an airsoft-weapon. 

Minors can only use airsoft-weapons under strict supervision and since we think this is hard or even impossible to achieve during a normal airsoft-game we've chosen to be on the safe side and not allow minors to play during our games.

- You must wear safety-glasses/ goggles -

This rule should be pretty self-explanatory. We shoot tiny projectiles at each other and if you get hit in the eye, there is a real possibility that you'll go blind.

Never take off your eye-protection while on the field whatever happens. If the glasses fog up or get dirty, make your way back to the safe zone and take care of it there.

- You must bring 2 armbands in each color red/yellow -

You must bring your own armbands, it's usually possible to buy them on-site for cost price. You must wear an armband on each arm to make sure your team-color is visible from all directions. 

We use the colors red and yellow so make sure to bring 2 bands in each color since you don't know in advance which team you'll be on.

You are not allowed to use colored patches in place of armbands.

Snipers with ghillie suits that cover the arms must wear the band on their legs instead of their arms. 

- You must have an orange deathrag -

You must use a orange deathrag (a high visibility cloth).

When you get hit, raise the rag and wear it visible so that everyone can see that you're not in-game at the moment.

- We recommend the use of face- and ear-protection -

While not a strikt rule, we strongly recommend the use of a face-mask or something else that will protect your teeth. If damaged, the teeth can be repaired but it really sucks. Ear-protection is also a good idea since most games use some kind of pyrotechnics that will hurt your ears, especially if used in-doors. If you don't wear ear-protections, take care and make sure to cover your ears if you see a grenade coming towards you.

- All guns must be chonoed before the game -

- Full auto is allowed in the  classes CQB, Assault and Support -

- Only CQB and semi-auto in-doors -

- The minimum engagement distance counts to the first obstacle -

- On the bottom floor of buildings, only CQB-rifles are allowed to shoot out -

- To use pyro, you must have a valid D-certificate for airsoft-pyro -

- All grenades is allowed except red and yellow smoke -

- Grenades have a kill-area of 5m outside or the whole room inside -

- All hits kill you, including weapon-hits, friendly fire and ricochets -

- If you're hit, you're not allowed to speak other than calling for a medic -

- In the safe-zone, no magazines in the guns -

- You shouldn't move or build things on the field - 

- If you hurt yourself and need help or if you see "civilians" on the field, yell  ”Avbryt!”

- Show respect and enjoy the game -

- We will be taking photos and video during the day. If you don't  want to be on picture, let us know and we'll try to not catch you. If you end up on pictures we'll do our best to blur you -

- Bleedout -

- Respawn-rules -

- Medic -

- Gentlemans-game -

- Spawn-camp -

- Safe-zone -

- The a4-rule -

- The bang rule -

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